After decades making stills as a print photojournalist I returned to the filmmaking craft, which I'd studied years ago. Cinematic storytelling can have an unequaled and  deeply engaging emotional impact, which complements the iconic way still images burn in our memories. Knowing that filmmaking is a team sport I formed Tatoosh Media, the production company through which my films are produced. Here are some samples of that work. Tatoosh creates mostly short to medium length documentaries. Since it's more about narrative story than just nice pictures, the films don't cut well into a pithy conventional "show reel" so you may want to dip in and out of the longer pieces. 

The Community is the Answer

Make Your Vote Count

The Newport Fishery: An American Success Story


where Agriculture Meets Technology

Washington Tribes, improving Life for All

Building a Healing Garden

Breaking the Cycle

Innovation Leaves the Ivory Tower

Illumination of Restored Cross for Providence Healthcare

Everybody Has a Story

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